Be future-forward with our powerful IT advisory & architecture solution.

We help our clients arrive at a 360-degree approach towards transforming and managing technology using the expertise of our technology and functional consultancy, enterprise architects and business transformation experts. Our advisory and architecture services have helped organizations to scale their businesses, create diversified verticals and realize long-term goals for their people, business and society.


We make organizations realise and reach their full potential with research and advisory.

Our Focus Areas

Cloud Architecture & Strategy

We develop winning strategies to ease our clients into cloud architecture. Our experts help design a cloud platform strategy that is scalable and incorporates customer-centric solutions by applying 6R treatments for modernising applications and data architecture. 

At Collabera Digital, we ensure a derisked cloud adoption approach that enables moving workloads to the cloud rapidly. We also offer a unique post-adoption cloud cost optimisation advisory that ensures lower cloud TCO.

We are the leading solutions architecture providers in the market that is engaged across consult and design phases of solution development and transformation. 

Our solution architects focus on keeping the fundamentals of DevOps, DevSecOps, and preferred technology stacks and shift left principles in place to obtain the right mix of desired functionalities.

We are technology brand agnostic, which helps evaluate and adopt best-fit stacks instead of force-fitting for our clients.

With our cutting-edge digital transformation advisory, our clients adopt superior technology solutions and practices including a Cloud-native approach seamlessly. We help integrate AI to reliably automate functions and move from monolithic to microservices architecture. 

At Collabera Digital, we help you leap to the top by harnessing the full potential of digital - into legacy processes, from enterprise service management to contact-less customer engagement.

Our clients utilize our digital workforce strategy solutions to gain vantage over peers with advanced skills, scale, speed and agility. 

We push for impressive outcomes across systems and processes with our combined knowledge of AI and data. Our consulting recommendations are backed by well-researched and implemented talent orchestration and transformation solutions. By partnering with us, businesses leap ahead with all-around growth that combines a healthy workforce and profitability.

Let’s craft some winning solutions together. 

Collabera Digital has engineered and designed customised solutions that has helped our clients transform digitally. Talk to Our Experts to know more.